Check out our Local School Wellness Policy, posted under Family/Community -- Food & Nutrition Services!

Have you read our Local School Wellness Policy (LSWP)? You can find it on the Arcata School District website here! Student health and wellness is critical to academic performance. The policy includes goals for nutrition promotion and education, physical activity, and other school-based activities that promote student wellness. You’ll find the 2022 Triennial Assessment of the policy on the same webpage.

The policy is posted on the website under Family/Community -- Food & Nutrition Services. On the righthand sidebar you’ll see Policy 5030 – Student Wellness. Our policy was last reviewed, updated, and approved in June 2022, with no changes made since then. The 2022 Triennial Assessment of the LSWP is located on the same webpage underneath the policy. We’re well on our way to meeting our LSWP goals!

We encourage parents/guardians and all members of the public to participate in the development, implementation, and periodic review and update of the District's student wellness policy by joining our School Wellness Committee. The committee advises the district on health-related issues, activities, policies, and programs. Contact Food Services Director Carson Brady at (707) 839-5219 for more information about the Wellness Committee and the policy.

The Superintendent designates the site principals as the individuals responsible for ensuring that each school site complies with the district's wellness policy. The Superintendent or designee assesses the implementation and effectiveness of this policy at least once every three years.

This post serves as our annual notification informing and updating the public (parents, students, and others in the community) about the content and implementation of the LSWP.


ASD Local School Wellness Policy (board policy 5030)

2022 ASD LSWP Triennial Assessment (April 2022)