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Foster and Homeless/McKinney-Vento Youth

Inga Townsend

Foster/McKinney-Vento Liaison (Arcata School District/Regional Liaison)

Phone: 707-826-1002

Fax: 707-826-1003



Roger Golec

Foster/Homeless Youth Coordinator

Phone: (707) 445-7187 | (707) 499-0276 Cell



Federal and State legislation mandates all public school districts establish policies and implement support services designed to increase school stability and academic success for foster youth students.


The McKinney-Vento Homeless Act ensures any homeless or displaced youth has equal access to the same free and public education as other students.


The Arcata School District seeks to ensure that the rights and services guaranteed to foster and homeless youth are implemented throughout the school district. For further information regarding the execution of these rights contact the Foster and Homeless Youth Liaison.