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Foster and Homeless/McKinney-Vento Youth

Inga Townsend

Foster/McKinney-Vento Liaison

Arcata School District/Regional Liaison

Phone: (707) 826-1002

Fax: 707-826-1003

Email: [email protected]


Leah Lamattina

Director, Foster and Homeless Youth Education Services

Humboldt County Office of Education

Phone: (707) 445-7187

Fax: (707) 445-7143

Email: [email protected]


Federal and State legislation mandates all public school districts establish policies and implement support services designed to increase school stability and academic success for foster youth students.


The McKinney-Vento Homeless Act ensures any homeless or displaced youth has equal access to the same free and public education as other students.


If your child or children qualify as McKinney-Vento, they may have the right to: 


1). Immediate enrollment in the school they last attended (school of origin) or the local school where you are currently staying, even if you do not have all the documents normally required at the time of enrollment.
2). Continue to attend their school of origin, if requested by you and it is in the best interest.
3). Receive transportation to and from their school of origin, and access to the same special programs and services, if needed, as provided to all other children, including free meals and Title I.
4). Receive the full protections and services provided under all federal and state laws, as it relates to homeless children, youth, and their families.


The Arcata School District seeks to ensure that the rights and services guaranteed to foster and homeless youth are implemented throughout the school district. For further information regarding the execution of these rights, contact the Foster and Homeless Youth Liaison.