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Land and Labor Acknowledgment


The Arcata School District acknowledges that the economic and cultural development of California and the United States was built on the backs of enslaved Africans and their descendants. We are indebted to the labor and sacrifice of Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Color, including Asian Americans. We recognize immigrant labor, undocumented labor, trafficked and untrafficked, as well as women of all races/ethnicities whose labor is not always seen and is systemically undervalued. In response to the ongoing impacts we work to center the joy, creativity, accomplishments, resilience, and strength in underrepresented communities on the local, national, and international levels.



The Arcata School District is located on unceded land of the Wiyot Tribe. In the Wiyot language, Arcata is known as Goudi’ni, meaning “over in the woods'' or “among the redwoods.” The Wiyot people are integral to the vibrancy of this region, having protected and developed their lands and resources through countless generations. They remain in relationship to the land through ceremony, culture, and continuous knowledge. As educators we are compelled to regularly review our practices for inclusion of Native American people in order to promote opportunities for healing through the celebration of indigenous cultures.


For more information about the Wiyot Tribe and the Honor Tax: