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Charter Schools

ASD proudly sponsors four high quality, innovative charter schools. Each charter manages their enrollment processes independently. For more information on these schools, please see the links below.

Coastal Grove Charter 
Coastal Grove Charter School educates K-8 children in Arcata and surrounding communities using integrated methods curricula with an emphasis on natural developmental rhythms to enrich imagination, creativity, academic excellence, and social responsibility. Teaching emphasizes attention to diverse learning styles and cultural backgrounds, presented through experiential, practical applications. Students will emerge capable of self-expression, effective communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills with a global consciousness and ability to succeed amidst the challenges of our changing world.

Fuente Nueva Charter School
The Fuente Nueva Charter School Mission is to empower students to become engaged world citizens through a challenging and creative Spanish immersion program emphasizing academic excellence, the arts, community, and social responsibility. Students thrive in a dynamic and supportive learning environment that recognizes the unique needs and talents of the whole child.

Redwood Coast Montessori School 
The mission of Redwood Coast Montessori is to serve a diverse population of students (TK-12) in the Humboldt County area by providing students with a high quality educational option based on the Montessori method.

Union Street Charter School
The initial school years are crucial to a child's educational attitudes and future success in learning. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment and fostering high self-esteem and confidence. The students are part of a learning community that emphasizes collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Student success at Union Street is based on academic growth, a well-developed sense of self worth, and a willingness to accept challenge.

At Union Street Charter we believe in the unique value of each student, family, and teacher - both as individuals and as members of the school community. We work together to create an environment that minimizes the pressures of popular culture and the use of academic competition as motivation. Our ultimate aim is to turn a child's natural curiosity and desire to explore into a lifelong love of learning. We value the trust that families place in us as we guide students toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.